Man held under Mental Health Act after FA Cup final train chaos

Ashley Keatings
Ashley Keatings
Paul Nelson

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A MAN has been detained under the Mental Health Act after admitting endangering public safety when a wheelie bin was shoved on to the train track on FA Cup final day.

Ashley Keatings, 20, and Jacob Kirby, 21, dragged the large steel bin on to a platform at Liss train station at about 1.40am on May 15 last year.

Kirby then shoved the bin on to the tracks and it was hit by a freight train travelling at 55mph about four minutes later.

The train came to a stop about a mile-and-a-half down the tracks.

It caused delays for Pompey fans travelling by rail to London for the cup final against Chelsea that day.

Nobody was hurt in the incident but it cost about £25,000 to repair the damage as well as refunding Cup final tickets to fans who couldn’t make it to Wembley.

Winchester Crown Court heard yesterday how Keatings, of Hazelbank Road, Liss, pictured below, suffers from autism and mental health problems.

Judge Guy Boney QC made an order for Keatings to be detained under the Mental Health Act.

‘The order I’m going to make in your case, and I call it an order rather than a sentence, is designed to help you rather than to punish you.

‘It’s clear from what I have read in the reports of the two consultant pyschiatrists that you have dealings with, that you have mental health problems which need addressing and will, I hope in the relatively short future, sort you out and enable you to be returned properly to everyday society.’

Kirby, of Station Road, Liss, was previously sentenced to 10 months in jail after admitting endangering public safety.