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A DRUG addict who sold on stolen goods – including laptops and cameras taken from a school – has been jailed.

Thomas Burke, 41, answered an advertisement asking for electrical goods.

The leaflet, however, had been planted by undercover police officers in a bid to catch criminals.

Burke, formerly of Albert Road, Southsea, but recently living in Liverpool, appeared at Portsmouth Crown Court charged with three counts of handling stolen goods.

The court was told the stolen haul included two cameras and two laptops from Somers Park Primary School in Somerstown.

The items are believed to have been stolen on September 3 last year during a teacher training day.

The stolen goods were offered to an undercover police officer on September 4.

Other electric goods were from car break-ins.

Louisa Bagley, defending Burke, said he did not know where the stolen goods had come from and he was working hard to beat his heroin addiction after recently becoming a dad.

Judge Ian Pearson said it was still a serious offence and sentenced him to six months in prison.