Man jailed after leaving friend with life-changing injuries in Paulsgrove assault

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  • Paulsgrove man given 30-month jail sentence for Paulsgrove assault on close friend
  • Victim has been left with ‘life-changing injuries’

A MAN has been jailed for an attack on his friend which left him with potentially life-changing injuries.

Jamie Denman, of Allaway Avenue, Paulsgrove, left friend Mark Williams with severe facial injuries, including a bleed on the brain, when he attacked him October 15, 2016

They fell to the floor and as they got up, Denman kicked him in the left knee and knocked a bottle of Sambuca over his head

Giles Bedloe, prosecutor

The incident saw the two men involved in a violent confrontation after a drunk Denman posted suicidal thoughts on social media, leading Mr Williams to offer him support at his home.

Mr Williams went to Denman’s flat with his partner and dog and the violence occurred after threats were made to his dog.

Giles Bedloe, prosecuting, said: ‘Denman started throwing punches which led to Mr Williams jumping on him to calm him down.

‘They fell to the floor and as they got up, Denman kicked him in the left knee and knocked a bottle of Sambuca over his head.’

The court heard Mr Williams’ partner called the police after hearing Denman shouting he had knife to his friend’s throat.

Mr Williams’ injuries included a dislocated knee, an orbital fracture of his left, a broken nasal septum and a bleed on the brain. He has been unable to work since the attack and is undergoing physiotherapy.

Matthew Farmer, defending said Denman’s state of mind was ‘rather disturbed’ and that he ‘never intended’ to cause grievous bodily harm.

He said: ‘He was feeling very depressed at the time and accepts the fact that he shares full responsibilty for his actions in assaulting him.’

Denman, 36, pleaded guilty to one count of causing grievous bodily harm without intent on March 23 and was given a 30-month jail sentence.

DC Mark Brockman, the investigating officer of the incident said: ‘This is a good result for the victim as no one apart from Denman, Williams and his partner knew exactly what happened in the flat and Denman admitting his guilt on a basis that what he did was unreasonable and well beyond what anyone could ever expect to be self-defence, saves the witnesses giving evidence in court.

‘Williams sustained potentially life-changing injuries and this should serve as a warning to people that your judgement can be seriously affected when you take drugs or drink.’