Man jailed after using fake ID to gain citizenship

Ishtiak Talukdar was sentenced at Portsmouth Crown Court
Ishtiak Talukdar was sentenced at Portsmouth Crown Court
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A MAN has been jailed for trying to use a fake passport to gain British citizenship.

Ishtiak Talukdar pleaded guilty to having a fake Bangladeshi passport and committing fraud by using it to try to become a British citizen.

And he admitted having a photocopy of a second fake passport he intended to use to get work.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard Talukdar applied to become a British citizen in October last year with a stamp in the fake passport claiming he needed to stay in the UK.

But after arousing suspicions, police officers went to his home in Allaway Avenue in Paulsgrove and found evidence of a second fake passport.

Prosecutor Daniel Sawyer said: ‘In his bedroom, officers found a photocopy of the application to become a citizen as well as a photocopy of a second passport.

‘Talukdar later admitted that this was to help him get a job.

‘There was a cribsheet which had questions and answers to help with his citizenship application.

‘The questions included “how did you come to the UK?” and “how old were you?” with answers that allowed the defendant to learn a comprehensive back story.’

The court heard that the cribsheet was never used by 36-year-old Talukdar and came as part of the package to get him citizenship.

It also heard that he had been living in the UK for 13 years and paid taxes and his utility bills.

He sent money back to his family in Bangladesh.

But Talukdar was sentenced to a year in prison for fraud and six months each for possessing two fake passports.

The sentences are to run consecutively.

Judge Advocat Robert Hill added that deportation is also an automatic punishment, insisting there was a need to have a deterrent in the sentencing.

He said: ‘The fake passports and the cribsheet leads to the inevitable conclusion that this was a fairly sophisticated use of false documents.

‘When cases such as these present themselves to the court, it is necessary for the court to have the need to have a deterrent in the sentence.

‘For obvious reasons, the integrity of the British passport system has to be maintained.’