Man jailed for biting punter’s arm in Slug & Lettuce bar at Gunwharf Quays

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  • Marc Underwood punched three men in the Slug and Lettuce bar
  • He then bit a man who tried to subdue him
  • He was jailed for 10 months over the ‘vicious’ attack
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A MAN punched three punters in a pub and bit another’s arm, sinking his teeth through the man’s flesh.

Marc Underwood, 35, was thrown out of the Slug & Lettuce bar in Gunwharf Quays but went back in and launched the attack.

I could feel his teeth breaking the skin

Gary Bowers

Daniel Sawyer, prosecuting, said Underwood, 35, had come into the bar shouting at his wife who was in a group of women talking to three of the four victims.

Underwood was thrown out of the bar by door staff but came back in and punched three of the men, Kyle Moore, Anthony Crossley and Michael Brown.

Another man, Gary Bowers, went over to try to stop Underwood.

‘He did that initially by wrapping his arms around Mr Underwood’s chest, trying to pull him back,’ Mr Sawyer told the court.

‘The defendant then lowered his head and very deliberately bit Mr Bowers on the forearm he was using to restrain him.

‘He had the mouth clamped round the arm.’

In his statement, Mr Bowers said: ‘I could feel his teeth breaking the skin.’

They both fell to the floor and Mr Bowers freed his arm. Door staff rushed over and ejected all four men.

The court heard Mr Bowers had previously broken both arms in a motorcycle crash and his right arm – the one he used to restrain Underwood – had been completely rebuilt.

The bite left flesh hanging off and ultimately left a scar on top of his scar from the motorcycle accident.

Mr Bowers is waiting for results from HIV and hepatitis tests after the June 7 bite.

‘That he has found degrading and embarrassing,’ Mr Sawyer said at Portsmouth Crown Court.

Mr Crossley, who received a gash above his right eye, has a visible scar.

Mr Brown and Mr Moore were punched in the head.

Nicholas Bleaney, defending, said Underwood, of Australia Close, Landport, had had too much to drink and was deeply ashamed.

Part of his mitigation in court cannot be reported for legal reasons.

Underwood admitted two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm and two of assault by beating at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court on September 15.

Judge Roger Hetherington jailed Underwood for 10 months and said biting the victim’s arm was ‘vicious’ and like using a weapon in the attack.