Man jailed for Christmas killing of ‘loving dad’

CONVICTED Gheorghe Badea
CONVICTED Gheorghe Badea
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A MAN who stabbed his friend 15 times on Christmas Day in 2010 has been sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of murder.

Gheorghe Badea was convicted of the murder of Tasin Sugaip following a five-week trial at Lewes Crown Court.

The 55-year-old Romanian admitted stabbing his friend at the former plant nursery site in Almodington, near Chichester, where they were staying but said he acted in self-defence.

However, Dianne Chan, prosecuting, said he was angry on the night of the murder and later tried to cover up his actions by breaking the knife he used into pieces and throwing it over a fence.

The jury heard Mr Sugaip, who had moved to England just weeks before his death to provide for his family, had sought Badea’s help to find work because they were old friends.

He lived with him in Almodington before getting a job at a kebab shop in Bognor.

On the day of his death, the university-educated Romanian had spoken with relatives before drinking with Badea. At some point later he was killed.

Detective Superintendent Nick Sloan said: ‘We may never know exactly what caused this vicious attack but it has cost a man his life and deprived a wife and daughter in Romania of a loving father.’