Man jailed for sexually assaulting woman in Denmead before passing off-duty police officer intervenesÂ

A WOMAN trapped in a roadside sex attack fearing she would be raped was saved by an off-duty cop who heard her terrified scream.

Monday, 29th October 2018, 8:14 am
Updated Monday, 29th October 2018, 9:25 am
Sindonio Goncalves-Caboz, 39, of Hambledon Road, Denmead was jailed for 32 months. Picture: Hampshire police

Portsmouth Crown Court heard how Sidonio Goncalves-Caboz, who grabbed the woman and pushed her up against a tree, tried to bite the officer during the attack in Hambledon Road, Denmead.

The woman had desperately tried to call police but the 39-year-old attacker took her phone before she got the chance to dial 999 in the incident on August 1.

'˜(The defendant) touched the victim over her clothes while she kept trying to get away,' prosecutor Andrew Houston said.

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Sindonio Goncalves-Caboz, 39, of Hambledon Road, Denmead was jailed for 32 months. Picture: Hampshire police

'˜He was trying to kiss her face and the side of her throat, she thought he was going to rape her.'

The off-duty police officer, who had spotted the defendant walk into trees, urgently tried to summon help '“ but was told all on-duty police units were unavailable.

Mr Houston said: '˜The officer stopped his car and sent a message to the control room before retracing his steps and hearing the victim scream 'get off me'.'

He added: '˜The PC grabbed hold of the defendant and forced him to the ground.

'˜But he kept pulling his arm away trying to escape.

'˜The officer described the victim as looking pale, ashen and terrified.

'˜The defendant continued to struggle, attempted to bite the officer who then punched him in the side of the head. He was then able to arrest him.'

The court heard control room staff had told the cop that there was a high volume of calls. He tried to contact a colleague working in the area, but they were not available.

The hero cop tried calling a third officer before intervening and saving the woman.

Goncalves-Caboz '“ who has no previous convictions '“ was jailed for 36 months after admitting sexual assault and assault by beating.

Sentencing, Recorder Anne Arnold said the level of charges were '˜remarkably surprising', '˜to say the least'. The defendant will likely be deported.

The victim, who has Asperger's bravely spoke out during his sentencing, facing him in court.

Addressing Goncalves-Caboz, she said: '˜I want to give you (the defendant) the chance to have a change of heart, recognise and take responsibility for the harm you have done me.

'˜I was a nervous wreck not only after but also before what happened and have been stigmatised my whole life.

'˜All of that has been quite enough for me to contend with without the added trauma that knowing you would have actually raped me if the officer had not come along just at the right minute.'

Detective Constable Dave Sheppard said the victim showed '˜great bravery, strength of character and dignity' and praised the off-duty officer. DC Sheppard said: '˜His intervention in this assault undoubtedly prevented anything more serious occurring.

Imogen Nelson, mitigating, said Goncalves-Caboz's childhood in Madeira was '˜difficult, unhappy and turbulent' and his actions were impulsive, not premeditated.

Goncalves-Caboz must sign the sex offenders' register for 10 years.

:: For help, call the Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Service helplines on (023) 9266 9511 for women, or (023) 9266 9516 for men.