Man jumps from the roof of a Portsmouth building

Police in Arundel Street, Portsmouth.
Police in Arundel Street, Portsmouth.
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A MAN has survived jumping from the roof of a Portsmouth building following a stand off with police.

Officers closed off part of Arundel Street in Portsmouth following a stand off with a man on the roof of a bridal shop.

A call was made to police shortly after 9am after a passer-by spotted the man, who has been walking around on the roof with a can of drink in his hand, fairly close to the edge.

Police cordoned the area off between Berketex Brides and the JobCentre as a precaution, as well as evacuating Pure Gym.

A spokeswoman for Hampshire Police said the incident was being treated as a ‘concern for welfare’ – where people may do themselves harm.

At shortly after 11.10am, the man jumped from the roof.

Initial reports said that he had not survived the fall.

However the man has been taken to Southampton General Hospital.

Police officers put up a scene around his body and moved shoppers away from the area.

Portsmouth Job Centre was closed for three hours but has since reopened.

On looker Syliva Cole, from Milton, ‘He’d been up there for a few hours and the police were up there with him.

‘I shouted up to him that there were kids down here. I said: ‘Your life is more important than jumping off here.’

‘The police told me to stop but I was just trying to help.

‘I don’t know why they couldn’t have putting something down for him to fall on to.

‘There were people taking pictures and videos and that is just sick.

‘It was unbelievable.’