Man microwaved his cat in bid to kill it

Police officers at Athena Avenue. Picture: Malcolm Wells

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A MAN who microwaved his pet cat has been given a suspended jail sentence.

Stephen Stacey, 20, told his neighbour who rushed to help the cat that he had intended to kill it, either by throwing it out the window or microwaving it.

His neighbour Simon Allen immediately called the RSPCA upon finding the animal at 4am on February 25 and it was taken to an emergency vets, where it was treated.

The cat has made a full recovery and is the RSPCA animal sanctuary at Stubbington.

At Portsmouth magistrates court, Stacey of Omega Street, Somerstown, received a 16-week prison sentence which was suspended for 18 months, He was banned from owning an animal for the rest of his life.