Man must pay £10,000 for bodge job electrics

EVIDENCE One of the images of the work used in the prosecution
EVIDENCE One of the images of the work used in the prosecution
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A MAN who spent £85,000 doing up his dream home has had to pay more than £10,000 for the bodge job electrics he installed which could have killed the home’s new owners.

Scott Lemon, of Mayfair Court, Botley, appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court yesterday charged with nine counts of contravening/failing to comply with building regulations between July 2007 and July 2012.

Fareham Borough Council prosecuted 32-year-old Lemon after new owners of his old house on Brook Lane, Sarisbury Green, found a kitchen spotlight smouldering, leading to an investigation which unearthed a raft of dodgy electrical work.

Lemon pleaded guilty to six counts relating to the inside of the house, and three counts relating to the outside were dropped.

The court heard Lemon had left exposed cables, not provided enough space between cabling and joists, had installed only one consumer unit when there should have been two, and wired electrics too close to utilities under the sink.

Lemon, a heating engineer, had basic electrical training, which was out of date.

He admitted laying the cabling himself but said he got in professional electricians to complete the work, but had not kept the invoices, as they had been thrown out when he sold the house in April 2012, after splitting from his partner.

Defending Sunyana Sharma said that Lemon had channelled so much of his attention on renovating the home that his relationship had suffered and his partner left him. She also said that he had spent £85,000 of his money doing up the house that he intended to live in until he died.

Miss Sharma said: ‘When the council came knocking it came as an absolute shock. This dream home had turned into a nightmare.’

The defence added Lemon had not intended to hurt anyone, and he had lived in the house with his family for some time after the work.

Prosecuting Tom Moores said: ‘Mr Lemon has taken on rather more of the work than he admits, that he overstretched himself and that he did not complete the work competently.’

Chairman of the magistrates Ian Swann said: ‘We do find there was substandard work that was not properly certified and that the potential consequences were life threatening.’

Mr Swann added: ‘We do note you lived in the house for a year after but we also note that you work in such an industry that you would know the requirements.’

He charged Lemon £939.62 with £500 compensation to the house’s new owners for each of the six offences and ordered him to pay a £15 victim surcharge and £1,500 of costs. Lemon has to pay £10,152.72 within four weeks.