Man pointed ‘gun’ over allegation of touching son’s zip

Alan Light, 38, of Uplands Road, Rowland's Castle
Alan Light, 38, of Uplands Road, Rowland's Castle
  • Victim ‘haunted’ over regret of leaving his daughter during shocking drama
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A MAN aimed a gun at another man accused of trying to unzip his son’s trousers, a court heard.

Alan Light was found guilty at Portsmouth Crown Court of a firearms offence after the incident at Asda in Bedhampton.

It looked to me like a sawn-off shotgun

Howard Bath

Prosecutor Roderick Blain said 38-year-old Light’s son Joby told his girlfriend Freya Bath her father Howard had ‘tried to unzip his trousers as he slept’.

The allegation was investigated but police took no further action and dropped the probe.

Giving evidence, Mr Bath told jurors he was ‘dazzled’ by the ‘full beam’ headlights of a Ford Transit van when it stopped 10ft to 15ft away facing him head on as he sat in the driver’s seat of his car waiting for his daughter.

Mr Bath was on his way to pick up his 17-year-old daughter on January 24 at around 9pm when he was first approached by Light’s daughter Sophie, Mr Blain said.

‘It came out the blue,’ Mr Bath said. ‘There was a girl tugging on the driver door of my car. She made a remark to get out the car.’

He added: ‘She said “you’re a perv” and I said “no I’m not”.’

Mr Bath said he then saw the van’s door open with what he thought was a sawn-off shotgun aimed at him, he said.

He added: ‘There was a gun pointed at me from the driver’s side. It was wedged between the open driver’s door on the hinge of the driver’s door. I didn’t see anyone.

‘It looked to me like a sawn-off shotgun.’

Mr Bath said he managed to start the car using his right hand on the ignition while keeping the door shut with his left hand.

As he drove off he spotted his daughter who was waiting for him to pick her up at the end of her five-hour shift at 9pm.

He drove away before turning round to come back again – but then turned around again before calling his wife and then police.

Under cross-examination Mr Bath said: ‘In my mind I was going to head back to Asda. I had left my daughter there, which still to this day haunts me.’

Giving evidence, Mr Bath’s daughter Freya said she saw Light, of Uplands Road, Rowlands Castle, next to the van.

She said: ‘He was stood outside his vehicle between the door opening and his actual vehicle.

‘He was holding a gun.’

Asked what she did in the aftermath, she said: ‘Just screaming and shouting and saying “stop”.’

She said she was approached by Light, his daughter Sophie and son Joby, who had all been in the van – and denied it was a walking stick she had seen.

The trio left in the van as Freya went into the supermarket and told her manager.

Police were called by Mr Bath and arrived – later searching Light’s home.

Officers found three air rifles in Sophie’s bedroom cupboard and a camouflage air rifle near the front door, Mr Blain said.

Freya said that her boyfriend Joby, 18, had told her he had gone to Cosham police station to report her father. She said Joby told her ‘his dad would kill my dad’ when he told his father.

Light had denied possession a firearm with intent to make Mr Bath believe unlawful violence would be used against him.

Judge Roger Hetherington ordered a pre-sentence report ahead of sentencing on November 2.