Man pushed woman who refused him drink

Police outside Blake's nightclub in Gravesend after a car drove down the alleyway next to the club and crashed into a marquee injuring a number of people. Picture: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

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A DRINKING binge ended up costing John Pringle more than he bargained for after he was fined for assaulting a bar maid.

Pringle, of Paxton Road, Fareham, started drinking at the Cams Mill pub on August 2, before embarking on a pub crawl that ended in trouble.

The 49-year-old, who represented himself at Fareham Magistrates Court, had four drinks before he left with the intention of going home.

When he passed the Crown pub, he decided to have one more drink and then did the same as he passed the Lord Arthur Lee, in West Street.

He said: ‘That’s what led up to the push. It was not intentional. The amount I consumed affected me. The rest of it, as far as I know, it occurred. I am sorry.’

Pringle pleaded guilty to assaulting Carol Mitchell, a bar manager who told Pringle that he could not have any more to drink.

Pringle called Ms Mitchell offensive names and refused to leave the bar, before pushing her in the chest and causing her to fall over, smashing the glasses in her hand which cut her arms and legs.

Pringle was fined £200 and told to pay Ms Mitchell £100 in compensation, a £20 victim surcharge and £85 court costs.