Man smuggled heroin into Portsmouth Central Police Station

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A MAN caught trying to smuggle heroin into a police station for his drug addict friend has been jailed.

Richard Collins snuck up to £40 worth of the class A drug into Portsmouth Central Police Station.

Collins, 39, himself a former heroin addict, had received a phone call from his friend asking for the drugs and means to smoke it after being arrested.

But he was busted when a warden noticed stitching to the waistband of a pair of jeans Collins took to the station had been tampered with. A search revealed a wrap containing 653mg hidden inside. A second, empty wrap was also found.

Collins initially denied knowing anything about the drugs. However his fingerprint was found inside one of the wraps.

Sam Brown, defending, said the drugs were for the personal use of Collins’ friend – but accepted a jail sentence was inevitable for his client.

At Portsmouth Crown Court Collins, of Sultan Road, Buckland, Portsmouth, admitted attempting to supply controlled drugs.

Sentencing him to three years in jail, Judge Sarah Munro said: ‘You are a married man with children of a young age. You have let down your wife and your family. The message, as you know, has to go out that those who take drugs into a custodial setting will receive lengthy sentences.’

PC Stewart Ainsley, in charge of the case, said: ‘Police won’t tolerate anyone who tries to supply or sell drugs in Portsmouth, not on our streets and least of all trying to smuggle it into our own custody centres.’