Man taps police car to provoke officers

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A MAN admitted being drunk and disorderly after calling police saying he had been attacked by his girlfriend.

Portsmouth magistrates’ heard police were called to the home of Mark Young, 40, of King William Street, Portsea, Portsmouth.

Prosecutor Graham Heath said: ‘The police were called to what was referred to as a domestic incident at the defendant’s home.

‘He’s described as running out of the flat and into the street.

‘I’m told that officers followed and when he got to the police car outside he started tapping the panels as if to provoke him.

‘To some extent the neighbours were aware of what was going on.’

He was arrested at 10.42pm on January 12 and was kept in custody for 14 hours.

The court heard that Young had been drinking and he said he was assaulted by his girlfriend and called police but by the time police arrived he decided he did not want her to be arrested.

Young has previous convictions for assaulting a police officer and criminal damage in 2012.

Magistrates’ chair Jane Crawford told Young he would have had to pay £125 but as he spent 14 hours in custody he did not have to pay.