Man tells court he was victim of Chichester hit and run

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THE victim of a hit and run has described the moment he was catapulted down the road by a 4x4.

Levi Seriki-Walters was in Melbourne Road, Chichester, lowering the tail-lift on a lorry when he looked up to see a Land Rover Discovery speeding towards him. He jumped up from his crouching position and tried to leap on to the pavement, but his escape route was blocked by the back of the lorry.

He was hit and launched a car’s length forward, suffering two breaks in his left arm, a dislocated left kneecap, and multiple cuts and bruises.

Omar Khayat, 29, is now on trial accused of causing grievous bodily harm, and grievous bodily harm with intent. He denies the charges.

Mr Sireki-Walters was helping his friend Kevin Bailey move house at 10am on January 18 last year.

The pair saw Khayat, who they both know, sitting in his vehicle facing them about 10 houses in front.

At Chichester Crown Court, Mr Bailey said the defendant made a swearing hand gesture towards him, which is disputed. Mr Sireki-Walters said he did not notice any gestures between the pair, but said he was aware of the ill feeling between the two.

Of the incident, he added: ‘I jumped up to get out of the way, but it was boom, he ran me over and hit me.’

Khayat drove off and was later arrested at his home in nearby Spitalfield Lane. He now lives in Brighton. The defence argues that a blue car was coming from behind Mr Sireki-Walters which caused him to swerve, and that the sun was in his eyes.

Mr Sireki-Walters lost his job as a mechanic as a result of his injuries. (Proceeding)