Man told to pay £1,600 for growing cannabis

WATCH: Police seize plants from suspected cannabis factory in Southsea

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POLICE found cannabis plants when they smashed their way into a house in Emsworth.

Officers called at Nicholas Holley’s home in Lewis Road but he refused to open the door.

They forced their way in and found five plants in his conservatory.

Prosecutor Matthew Lawson told Portsmouth Crown Court that the 54-year-old had been growing the drug for himself and his friends.

Leo Seelig, defending, said: ‘The reason that he started using cannabis was in chief to alleviate joint pain.

‘Following on from that he used it as a means of relaxing.

‘He knows now of course that it’s a crime and he regrets doing it.’

Holley, of Lewis Road, Emsworth, pleaded guilty to producing cannabis and possession of the class B drug with intent to supply following the raid at his home in September.

Judge Sarah Munro QC said: ‘It’s perfectly obvious that apart from these offences you are a law-abiding and hard-working member of society.

‘I do not consider that it would be appropriate to impose any form of custodial sentence in your case.

Holley was fined £1,000 and told to pay £600 in costs.