Man ‘took knives out of kitchen’ before stabbing

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A WOMAN has told a court how she believes murder accused Sean Bailey took kitchen knives from her home shortly before his alleged victim was stabbed to death.

Lisa Holman held a party at her then home in Curlew Gardens, Wecock, where trouble flared on the night dad-of-one Simon Warton, 27, died.

During evidence on the third day of Bailey’s trial at Winchester Crown Court, she told a 12-strong jury that she thought murder accused Bailey, 28, took knives from her kitchen.

But she said she did not see him do it as he had his back to her.

She said: ‘He went to the knife block. He took the knives, I don’t know how many knives he took. I didn’t actually see a knife but I know he took one, and then he just went straight out the front door.

She told how she went upstairs and about five minutes later heard ‘hysterical’ screaming coming from a female outside the property.

When Lisa shouted down to Bradley Woodacre, who was outside and had also been at the party on April 11, she said he replied: ‘Simon’s been stabbed, Simon’s dead.’

Mr Warton, of Orsmond Close, Waterlooville, had just been released from prison.

The jury has heard how he, Bradley Woodacre and his now late brother Matthew Mourne had earlier set upon Sean Bailey in the property after he attacked his 16-year-old former girlfriend, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

After hearing the screams, Lisa said: ‘I ran downstairs into the kitchen and grabbed whatever I could. I can’t specifically say what I grabbed, I think it was bedding, towels and stuff. I ran out to Simon.

‘Simon [was] lying on the floor and Matthew Mourne was by his side because they had taken their tops and that off to cover up the wound.’

Lisa said she handed over the bedding to try to help before leaving the scene to return to her home.

Mr Warton later died from a stab wound to the heart caused by a large kitchen knife. Four knives were later found by police.

Bailey, from Robin Gardens, Waterlooville was arrested by police at a flat in Southampton House, Broadmere Avenue, Havant, on April 14.

He has pleaded not guilty to one count of murder.