Man waved a hammer at his ex after split

Paul Matthews leaving Fareham Magistrates Court
Paul Matthews leaving Fareham Magistrates Court
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A MAN who waved a hammer at his ex-girlfriend after he turned up at her work has been given a restraining order.

Paul Matthews, of Ransome Close, Titchfield, appeared at Fareham Magistrates’ Court and admitted two counts of criminal damage, a count of assault and an offence under the malicious communications act after sending her threatening text messages.

The court heard that 28-year-old Matthews had taken the breakdown of their three-year relationship badly.

Prosecutor Alicia Keen said that Matthews had turned up at his ex-girlfriend Natasha Barrett’s work, a salon in Forton Road, Gosport, on August 17.

As she was worried that he would do something, she offered to give him a lift home.

When they went to get into her car, a Renault Megane, he assaulted her and punched the wing mirror and smashed it.

Ms Keen said: ‘He appeared to be very distressed.

‘There was a hammer in the foot well of the car.

‘He picked it up and started to wave it about.

‘She told him to put it down which he did, but he threw it into the foot well and it hit the case she kept her makeup in and broke it.’

Ms Keen said that a further incident happened at Ms Barrett’s flat in Blenheim Court, Fareham, on October 26.

Ms Keen said: ‘She was in her flat and she heard a noise...

‘She switched on the light and went to the window and she saw Matthews’ face pressed up against the window.

‘He was shouting at her, she stood there for about 30 seconds.

‘She couldn’t hear what he was saying then he punched the window and it sent glass flying everywhere.’

She phoned the police but the next day was sent a series of text messages from Matthews saying that he was sorry and that he loved her, which descended into threats to kill someone at her work.

The court heard that Matthews had 10 convictions for 13 offences, including criminal damage in 2005.

Representing himself, Matthews said: ‘I am sorry for everything I have done. It won’t happen again.

‘I am trying to get help for my anger as when those situations happened I was losing my temper.

‘I am sorry, I am short tempered.’

Matthews was given a two-year restraining order preventing him from contacting his ex girlfriend and a two-year community order with a supervision requirement.

He must also attend 32 sessions of a ‘building better relationships’ course.

Matthews must pay £300 court costs and a £60 victim surcharge.