Married couple’s anger as thief ruins holiday

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A THIEF ruined a couple’s holiday plans after stealing a passport from a car just days before the pair were due to fly.

Rhiannon Morgan, 25, was visiting a friend in Gosport when she parked her car near Carlton Road overnight.

But the mum-of-two was devastated when she returned to her car and found a window was smashed and her Louis Vuitton purse was stolen.

She said: ‘We’ve managed to lose £5,5000 on the holiday, we’ve had to pay for my car.

‘In total we’ve lost £8,000 just because someone wanted some cash, which I didn’t have in my purse anyway.

‘I couldn’t park by my friend’s house so I didn’t hear anything.’

Rhiannon and her husband Rhys, 27, of Guildford, had spent £5,500 on 10 days in Barbados but couldn’t go with no time to get a new passport.

She said: ‘He’s been working away for the last three months, I’ve hardly seen him.

‘The children were going to go with grandparents and have a little holiday and we were going to have quality time together. We’re not going to have that now.

‘He’s going to have to work to get the money back.’

Rhiannon parked at 8.45pm last Wednesday, finding the theft at 1am. Call police on 101.