Measures on how to keep dogs safe

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Hampshire schools warned after fraudsters steal up to £10,000 in email scam

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DOG owners are being offered advice on how to keep their pet safe.

Hampshire Constabulary is issuing the information to stop dog thefts, after several incidents in the county.

Detective Inspector Tim Ireson, of Hampshire Constabulary, said: ‘The dogs which have been targeted during these incidents are highly trained working dogs which are kept in external kennels.

‘I would urge members of the community who own animals of this kind to ensure their security measures are adequate.

‘Make sure your dogs have been microchipped and that you have recent photographs of them to help identify them if they are stolen or go missing.

‘Consider an alarm system, security lights and improved locks.

‘I would urge you to report any suspicious activity around your kennels, no matter how small it may seem, as it could help us to find those responsible.’

Anyone with any information should call 101.