Men cleared after confronting ‘adult baby’ at his home

Ravelin Park in Portsmouth.

Picture: Habibur Rahman

Man arrested in Portsmouth sexual assault investigation to face no action

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A MAN who appeared in a TV documentary dressed as a baby was confronted by two men after they spotted pictures of him on Facebook.

Robert Miller, 49, discovered the pictures of his neighbour Derek Ventham while on the internet at his home in Hillsley Road, Paulsgrove, Portsmouth.

Mr Miller’s friend James Gray, 33, who was with him at the time, went over to Mr Ventham’s house and repeatedly swore and told him he was a pervert.

Mr Miller arrived to calm the situation down and as he pushed the front door it hit Mr Ventham’s wife Maxine, who was stood next to him.

The impact caused her to fall against the back wall of the porch.

Mr Miller apologised and called police. He was arrested later that evening on January 5 along with Mr Gray.

Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court found Mr Miller not guilty of assault because the court was unsure whether he knew Mrs Ventham was there and meant to cause harm.

Mr Gray, of Mousehole Road, Paulsgrove, was also cleared because his behaviour wasn’t considered to be threatening.

Richard Withe, prosecuting, said: ‘The background is somewhat unusual.

‘It appears Mr Ventham featured in a Channel Four documentary called The 15-Stone Babies. I have been told about adults dressed as babies.

‘It appears there are images of him (Mr Ventham) on the internet dressed as one.’

Giving evidence, Mr Ventham claimed it was Mr Miller that had come to the door first and it was his wife that had answered.

‘Mr Miller was asking questions in a very subtle way,’ he said. ‘His voice was not one I was used to.’

Mr Ventham said he was more concerned with Mr Gray’s behaviour: ‘I just said to him; “what I do in my personal life is no concern of his” and asked him to leave.’

The court heard Mr Miller had drank half a bottle of vodka and Mr Gray had consumed eight pints of strong cider on the day of the incident – January 5.

Hugh Pringle, defending, said: ‘The fact is there are certain practices that are perverse in a certain sense of the word.’