‘Merciless act of vengeance’ by bitter neighbour who killed former Bedhampton woman

KILLER Trevor Gibbon
KILLER Trevor Gibbon
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IT started as a petty dispute and escalated to targeted harassment.

Trevor Gibbon is now behind bars and facing a life sentence after running up behind 45-year-old mum-of-one Alison Morrison and stabbing her 40 times in the street, following a long-running petty dispute.

SO CLOSE From left, sisters Julie, Paula and Alison Morrison in a stone archway at the RHS Garden                      Wisley

SO CLOSE From left, sisters Julie, Paula and Alison Morrison in a stone archway at the RHS Garden Wisley

Alison’s sisters Lorraine Brathwaite, 43, Paula McLean, 49, and Julie Brathwaite, 52, who all live in Waterlooville, have welcomed the sentence – and condemned the killer as a ‘pathetic coward’.

The problems dated back to 2011 when the Morrison family moved next to Trevor Gibbon and his partner in Windsor Crescent, Harrow. Gibbon complained about the noise from the Kori’s skateboard and, despite the Morrisons’ attempts to placate him, nothing seemed to satisfy him.

Gibbon went on to harass Alison – who was vice-chairwoman of Harrow Safer Neighbourhood Board – by trapping her in her car, banging dustbin lids loudly at 6am below her window, and repeatedly flashing his car lights.

Alison was forced to install £2,000 of CCTV equipment to gather evidence.

The 48-year-old satellite TV engineer was charged with harassing the family and admitted the offence at magistrates’ court the day before the killing.

The jury was shown a hand-written statement made days before the killing in which Alison said: ‘It got so bad that I could not sleep properly as I felt it would never end. He seemed to enjoy it.’

Gibbon denied murder but admitted the killing on the basis he was ‘suffering from an abnormality of mental functioning’

Judge Timothy Pontius said: ‘This was not a frenzied loss of control on the defendant’s part but a merciless act of vengeance indubitably with the intent to kill Alison Morrison. This brutal murder robbed a close-knit family of a devoted and caring wife, mother, sister and aunt.’

Praise for the emergency services

THE family are refusing to let the killer fill their lives with darkness and hatred.

They wanted to thank the emergency services, including the police, and the neighbours who valiantly tried to save Alison.

Their statement read: ‘Alison was a much-loved and a very special person.

‘She worked tirelessly to provide for her family while also helping to make her community a better and safer place.

‘The family would like to thank the emergency services for their heroic attempts to save our sister Alison and the local community’s families who tried to assist Alison before the ambulance and paramedics arrived.

‘We would also like to thank everyone who has been involved with bringing this horrific, senseless murder to trial and conclusion.

‘Alison would be grateful and proud that all involved have worked as hard as she did in her life that was cruelly taken away.

‘Her legacy will live on in everything that she stood for, achieved and was passionate about.’

The Independent Publishing Awards now has an accolade named after Alison called the Alison Morrison Diversity Award.

Julie said: ‘It’s made us appreciate life and family.’

Paula added: ‘We refuse as a family for him to make us victims.

‘If we can take something positive from this then we will.’