‘Mindless yobs’ run riot in Southsea smashing cars

Alan Gregory is upset after vandals ripped a wing mirror from his car in Chelsea Road, Southsea 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (151637-3)
Alan Gregory is upset after vandals ripped a wing mirror from his car in Chelsea Road, Southsea 'Picture: Ian Hargreaves (151637-3)
  • Vandals damage a number of cars in a Southsea street
  • One of the victims, a disabled pensioner, has been left with a £200 bill
  • Police have now launched an investigation into the attack
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A DISABLED pensioner has been left with a £200 bill after his car was targeted by vandals.

Alan Gregory was one of the victims of a spate of car crime in Chelsea Road in Southsea.

The wing mirror of his specially-adapted Renault Express was torn off.

The vehicle is the pensioner’s only means of getting about, as he cannot walk freely since suffering a double stroke a few years ago.

And the 70-year-old’s car was not the only one wrecked by the yobs – four other cars were reported to have been targeted, police said, with more wing mirrors smashed and bonnets dented.

Alan, who lives with his wife Jackie, 63, said: ‘It’s blatant hooliganism. It’s just mindless vandalism.

‘It’s mob violence. I can’t see any point in it. But for me it’s particularly painful.

‘It might only cost maybe £200 to repair but that’s a lot of money for a pensioner.’

The attackers ripped off the driver’s side wing mirror from Mr Gregory’s car, as well as smashing the glass in the opposite mirror.

Police are investigating the incident, which is believed to have happened overnight between Saturday and Sunday.

Mr Gregory claims this isn’t the first time the street had fallen foul of thugs.

‘It’s like clockwork,’ he said. ‘It’s when the students go back after the summer break.’

Previous attacks have taken place in the street, prompting concerns that drunken students might be the cause.

‘We can’t say for certain it’s students,’ Mr Gregory added.

However, Anne Stanford spokeswoman for the University of Portsmouth said there was no proof its students were involved in the crime.

She said: ‘We understand this incident is under investigation and there is no evidence to suggest the damage has been caused by students as the police have yet to confirm who is responsible.’

She added the university placed ‘immense value’ on its ties with the community and students were always expected to be ‘good neighbours’.

‘We work hard to ensure students behave and the university’s impact on the city is positive,’ she said.

Chelsea Road backs on to Albert Road, which is a popular spot for drinkers as there are many bars and pubs.

Mr Gregory believes the vandals could have been drinking there on Saturday before the vandalism.

Police are urging anyone with information to call 101 quoting the serial number 44150326366.