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IT has emerged that missing Fareham dad Karl Law does not have a mobile phone with him.

(Video shows reporter Miles O’Leary explaining what has happened so far in the search for Mr Law)



The 34-year-old builder disappeared in Prague on Saturday night during his cousin’s stag do.

Police in Prague have stepped up the search for Mr Law, but it has emerged he lost his mobile phone prior to going missing.

His worried brother Craig, 30, said: ‘Karl lost his phone on Friday and he has no way of contacting anyone. He does not know any numbers.

‘If he has got lost or taken somewhere he’s got no way of contacting us.



‘I’ve spoken to his girlfriend a few times and she is just trying to stay strong for their little boy.

‘We’re all doing our best out here. We’re determined to bring him home.’

The British Embassy in the Czech Republic capital is also involved in the search.

Mr Law was with a group of 13 people on the stag do.