Missing Havant boy, 9, found safe and well in garden shed

Joshua Brent
Joshua Brent
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A nine-year-old boy who went missing from his home in Havant last night was found safe and well today - in his garden shed.

Police announced a happy end to the search for Joshua Brent shortly after his mum said she was sick with worry.

Rebecca Brent, 26. pictured at her home in Botley Drive.

Rebecca Brent, 26. pictured at her home in Botley Drive.

Rebecca Brent said that she had found her son about 9.30am today. She said: ‘I am just shocked. He was in the back garden asleep in the back of the shed.

‘The police woman went out there this morning and he was not there, so I do not know where he has been all night. I am just pleased that he is safe.’

Police started a major search after Joshua was last seen by his mum Rebecca at 6.30pm yesterday at their home in Botley Drive.

He was seen a short time after at 7pm by a group of children at Ditcham Crescent allotments but there have been no reported sightings since.

Shortly before he was found this morning, Rebecca, 26, said she was sick with worry.

The mum-of-four said: ‘He has got attention deficit disorder quite badly and he is very impulsive.

‘I grounded him on Friday and we went out on Saturday and Sunday, we went to Southsea.

‘When we got home yesterday he was complaining he was bored.

‘I said “you are grounded and you are not going out to play”.

‘But he could see his friends out playing. I went upstairs and when I came back downstairs he had gone out the back gate at 6.30pm.’

Joshua, who is known as Josh, goes to Barncroft Primary School.

He was reportedly seen last night at the allotments in Ditchan Crescent and there was also a sighting at the Hermitage stream.

Fighting back tears as she spoke before her son was found, his mum said: ‘He ran off a couple of months ago, he was found by the traffic police on the A3.

‘He just goes where ever his legs take him, he just explores.

‘I feel sick with worry. At first, because he tends to do this, I did not phone the police until about 10pm but this is the first time he has been out all night.

‘It was raining and he has not got a waterproof jacket or anything.’

Josh takes medication for his condition which suppresses his appetite and his mum said that means he would not come home for food.

She said: ‘He is very vulnerable, if he sees a group of adults or teenagers he would not think twice about going up to them.

‘He think’s everybody is his friend.

‘The police have searched everywhere, they have knocked on doors, they have looked in woods, fields and parks.

‘I have got so many friends and family on foot looking for him. There’s unmarked police cars, there is dogs out. I just feel sick with worry.’