Mixed reaction to Gosport police station closure bid

CLOSING? Gosport police station
CLOSING? Gosport police station
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THE revelation of discussions over the future of Gosport’s police station have sparked a mixed reaction.

Early talks suggest the station could close, with officers moving into the Town Hall in High Street.

But members of the Neighbourhood Watch, who work closely with the police, have said they think it could work.

Carole Rudin is the chairman of Gosport Neighbourhood Watch Association.

She said she understands concerns reported in The News on Tuesday about public confidence possibly taking a hit.

But she said she doesn’t think the potential closure would damage their work.

She said: ‘It’s quite a big station, and I do know there’s a lot of it not used.

‘A lot of services have amalgamated with Fareham.

‘Does it really matter where it is as long as people have got access? It’s not going to affect Neighbourhood Watch. We tend to do everything from home now.’

Resident Gina Fitzgerald, of Stradbrook, said: ‘Why are we always the poor relation?

‘They would never dream of closing Fareham police station and quite rightly none should be closed.

‘Which numpty thought it would be a good idea to give them a shoe cupboard in someone else’s building?’

As reported, The News understands talks between Gosport Borough Council and Hampshire police are under way.

Council leader Mark Hook refused to comment but said he welcomes the chance to speak to other public bodies.

Cllr Alan Scard is the Neighbourhood Watch scheme co-ordinator for 36 homes in Long Water Drive, in Anglesey, Gosport.

He said that if the police moved to the town hall, its opening hours would have to be looked at.

‘There should be no sacred cows,’ he added.

‘It could be good from the town hall’s point of view, they’re getting money and it could be good for the police.’

Police and crime commissioner Simon Hayes said: ‘I am committed to maintaining a police presence across the borough.’

No decision has been made.