Mopeds seized from Portsmouth park after 'dangerous' incidents involving youths

POLICE have seized three mopeds used in anti-social behaviour in Great Salterns Park this week, as the council hopes investment in youth services will tackle the issue.

Friday, 30th August 2019, 7:00 am
Updated Friday, 30th August 2019, 10:48 am

Officers seized a mini-motorbike from a group of five children ‘riding dangerously’ at Great Salterns playing fields in Eastern Road on Wednesday at 11.50am.

Yesterday, police found two mopeds following reports of youths using them to commit anti-social behaviour in the same area.

A spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary said: 'Officers attended and the youths had made off before police arrived.

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Two mopeds were abandoned by youths reported to be committing antisocial behaviour in Great Salterns Park on Thursday.

‘Officers have spoken to local people who have told us that the issues have arisen in the last few days where motorbikes have been ridden dangerously in the area'

Councillor Jeanette Smith, of Baffins ward, said she had saw a young person riding a motorbike illegally cutting across the rec on Wednesday, and the next day saw another youth riding a quad bike taking the same route.

She said: 'There no facilities to take bikes across the rec.

'I would not say its common - but its not out of the ordinary.’

Anti-social behaviour had 'been allowed to grow thank to austerity,' with a lack of youth services tempering the issue, the councillor said.

She added: 'We have a forgotten generation.'

Last year, Police UK data showed three streets in Baffins as being among the 20 worst hotspots for anti-social behaviour in Portsmouth.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Darren Sanders, also of Baffins ward, said the council was taking steps to address the issue.

He said: 'There are simply not enough police - that's why the Liberal Democrats have lobbied the Police and Crime Commissioner for more police on the streets.

'The council has doubled the number of community wardens, and we are looking forward to getting more police officers across the city.'

The ward has 'a strong sense of community, Mr Sanders added, but had needed investment in youth provisions for 'some time.'

He said: 'We believe that the best thing to do when it comes to antisocial behaviour is stop it happening in the first place.'

'The people of Baffins have been lobbying for investment in youth provisions for some time.'

In March this year, Portsmouth City Council decided to allocate £500,000 to boost youth services across the city.