More drink-drivers caught by Hampshire Police this year

More drink drivers have been caught by Hampshire Police
More drink drivers have been caught by Hampshire Police
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ALMOST 200 drivers were arrested on suspicion of drink driving during the December police campaign – around a tenth more than last year.

Figures released by Hampshire Constabulary also show that more than five times the number of men are being caught drunk behind the wheel than women.

Hampshire Constabulary launched the ‘It’s Not Worth The Risk Campaign’ at the beginning of the month.

A series of hard-hitting films spelled out the consequences of drink and drug-driving, including the tragedy of Evey Staley, 10, who was killed when her parents’ car was hit by another car being driven by a drunk driver who was also using drugs.

The latest figures show the message is not getting through to some people.

A total of 196 drivers were arrested on suspicion of drink driving from December 1 to 29.

During the same period last year there were 174 arrests.

This year men accounted for 167 of the arrests, with 29 women being arrested.

The oldest is aged 82, and the youngest is aged 17.

Southampton saw the highest proportion of arrests in the county with 35, followed by Portsmouth at 26.

There were 23 arrests across East Hampshire and Winchester districts, and 20 in Fareham and Gosport.

Fourteen arrests were made in the Havant and Waterlooville area.

The final statistics for across the entire month have yet to be collated, but police officials said early indications were that officers had been very pro-active this year in catching people.

Lucy Dibdin, a police spokeswoman, said: ‘We don’t know how many stops there have been.

‘We do know our officers have been engaged more than before.

‘There could be any number of reasons the number of arrests have gone up. The bottom line is there are a huge proportion of people who are not listening because they think they know better.’

She added: ‘People know the message not to drink and drive. We will continue to ram that message home until people do listen. It’s a massively important campaign.’