Most Wanted rogues gallery ‘is a success’

Mark Clutterbrook in 2015

Man gives judge the thumbs-up after being sentenced for handling stolen goods

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THE 1,000th appeal has been posted on Crimestoppers ‘Most Wanted’ site in Hampshire since the charity launched the rogues’ gallery in 2007.

Hampshire was the first force to make use of the site and they say since then the results have been ‘exceptional’.

It says the public respond to 65 per cent of the images that are shown on the website and a significant number of arrests can be attributed to the appeals. And in the past nine months 45 per cent of all information received about crime has resulted from Most Wanted.

The site is run by PC Simon Wright, the force Crimestoppers co-ordinator, who also handles all the reports generated by Crimestoppers.

He said: ‘Most Wanted as a title does suggest we are only interested in those who have committed heinous crimes and some forces reserve its use accordingly.

‘However in Hampshire we were the first to use it for any crime for which an appeal had been made.

‘It harnesses the power of the public and the results speak for themselves.’

Following Hampshire’s example, Most Wanted sites have now been launched recently by the Metropolitan police as well as the Thames Valley and Surrey Forces.

PC Wright received an award at the recent Crimestoppers national conference for his contribution to the Most Wanted site.

Visitors to the website can search by postcode to where the crime was committed.

And those who want to give information about an offender can do so without giving any personal details.

The rogues gallery is at: