Mother fears that attack victim will never come out of coma

)''Andrew Toseland
)''Andrew Toseland
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THE mother of a Gosport man left in a coma following a vicious attack fears he may never pull through.

Andrew Toseland, now 50, pictured, has remained in a coma after being knocked unconscious outside his Garland Court flat, in Forton Road, in August. It is claimed he was attacked after telling a group of youths to keep quiet.

His mum Nina Toseland, 78, has always remained hopeful but says doctors don’t believe there will be any change in his condition.

She said: ‘I’m alright but Andrew is not any better – he is no different to before. The doctors don’t think there is going to be any more change.

‘All they can do is keep us informed. They haven’t given us any indication into how much longer. He still has physio every day and they treat him. There is always someone with him. We will have to wait and see.’

She says his family is often by his bedside in a neurological unit in Southampton General Hospital, and marked his 50th birthday earlier this month.

She said the family lets him know how much he is loved.

Mrs Toseland said: ‘The family are not too bad.

‘We went over to the hospital to sing Happy Birthday to him. He is still the same when you look at him.

‘It’s still very sore with what’s happened – I cannot describe it.

‘There is no closure and I don’t know what will bring that. He’s there but not there. I don’t know how much longer it will go on for.

‘There is not much you can say as he doesn’t speak. His eyes are open and I think he can hear, but I’m not sure.’

In September, the Independent Police Complaints Commission launched an investigation into how police dealt with reports of anti-social behaviour at the flats in the lead-up to the incident.

Residents said the block had been plagued by incidents, including loud music, intimidation and verbal abuse, and glass bottles being thrown out of windows.

Fareham and Gosport district commander chief inspector Jason Kenny said the matter was voluntarily referred to the IPCC.

Mrs Toseland said the block of flats has been quiet since the attack.

She said: ‘It has taken a lot out of me over the last few months.

‘The police are keeping me informed and they just give us updates on what’s happening.’