Mother of abducted Portsmouth children marks sad anniversary

A family picture of Faris and Aishah
A family picture of Faris and Aishah
  • Lacey Plato now separated from son and daughter for three years
  • She posts Facebook message calling again for return from Oman
  • Father remains in jail in stalemate over children’s future
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HEARTBROKEN mum Lacey Plato has marked three years since her children were stolen from her.

She endured the anniversary this week feeling no closer to getting her son and daughter back from Oman.

Faris, seven, and his 10-year-old sister Aishah were abducted from their Portsmouth home by their father, Lacey’s former partner Usama Al-Barwani in July 2012 and taken illegally to his homeland.

He has failed to comply with a High Court order to return them and, after being arrested when he returned to Britain last November, is now serving a jail term for child abduction. Lacey said: ‘We’ve tried so hard to get the government to put telling pressure on the Omani authorities.

‘My children are British citizens who should be here with me, their mother, but nothing seems to be happening.

‘My former partner’s family have cut them off from me. I still e-mail and message them every day but get no response. It is eight months since I have spoken to them.’

In a post on her Facebook page Bring back Aishah and Faris she said: ‘I have fought in the courts here, begged his family, begged the governments both here and in Oman for help – and nothing.

‘Their father remains in prison here and will do until their return but it still feels like no justice has been done.

‘Everyday I hope and wish for a call, everyday I sleep thinking about my babies and about how this will change their lives forever. I am not asking for a lot, just to be a mother to my two beautiful children.

‘I want to once again to thank everyone for the support, love and kindness you have all shown.

‘One day I hope that we will celebrate their return but until then I will continue to call, message and fight for my children to be back where they belong - in my arms. Whilst I breathe, I hope.’

Lacey is being helped in her fight to get the children back by her father, Southsea civil engineer Steve Grant.

He was released from house arrest in Dubai in Junetwo months after he was held at the airport as he travelled to try to see the children.

Their paternal grandfather, who lives in Dubai, had accused him of making threats to kill in a phone messages between them.