Mother of missing Fareham man Karl Law flies to Prague to join hunt for her son

Karl Law
Karl Law
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The mother of missing Fareham man Karl Law has joined the hunt for him in Prague.

Sue Law, accompanied by her brother Richard Stock, is joining a group of family and friends currently scouring the Czech capital, where Karl, 34, went missing on November 15 during a stag weekend.

His cousin Steve Stock added: ‘She’s gone out there with my father, her brother, and an old school friend.

‘She’s been sat at home and she probably feels helpless. She wants to go out there and do her bit. It’s going to be hard for her. With her being there it’s going to be a bit emotional.’

Yesterday afternoon, Czech Police announced that a body had been found in the Vltava river.

They said the body has been in the water for three to five weeks. But Karl’s family say it is not the father-of-one from Fareham.

Steve said he was sent photographs showing the clothes and shoes that the police found on the body and they did not match up with what Karl was wearing on the night he went missing.

‘Karl had a grey T-shirt on and canvas shoes. It’s not the same,’ said Mr Stock.

‘We can’t be 100 per cent certain but I am pretty confident that it’s not him.’

It comes after another body was discovered in Prague last week but that corpse was later confirmed to be that of a Czech man.

Another sighting of Karl was reported over the weekend, near a tram line in the city.

Mr Stock added: ‘They had a sighting yesterday morning at about 10am. We have got to follow up everything. Some of them may not be real. It could be mistaken identity. But it does give us hope. As with all these sightings we will just keep chasing them up.’