MP calls for ‘urgency’ in search for missing Katrice Lee

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AN MP is calling on the government to look into the case of a missing woman as a ‘matter of urgency’.

Hartlepool MP Mike Hill has pledged to lobby defence secretary Gavin Williamson and home secretary Amber Rudd in a bid to draw greater public attention to the disappearance of Katrice Lee.

Katrice, whose mother and sister live in Gosport, went missing from a Naafi shopping complex in Paderborn, Germany, on her second birthday on November 28, 1981.

The push to shed light on her case comes after the Home Office announced plans to inject more funds into the high-profile disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

More than £11m has been spent on the case of the girl from Leicester, who went missing in 2007, aged three.

Mr Hill said: ‘The search for Katrice Lee must be given the profile it deserves by the government and the relevant authorities in the national media in order to give the investigation fresh impetus and hopefully long-awaited closure.’

The fresh call to solve Katrice’s case follows a long-fought campaign by her father Richie, from Hartlepool.

In light of the funding boost for the search for Madeleine McCann, he has called for an ‘unequal system’ to become a ‘level playing field’.

He said: ‘Why are they throwing money at this case when there are thousands of other cases out there that get nothing?’

Katrice’s case is handled by the Royal Military Police.