Mum made up rape claim to hide cheating

Nicola Osborne
Nicola Osborne
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Man arrested for exposure

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A WOMAN has told how she made up a story about being raped to avoid her husband finding out she had cheated on him.

Nicola Osborne’s allegation led to the innocent man she had slept with being arrested and held in police custody for 12 hours.

Asked why she had lied, the mum-of-three told a judge at Portsmouth Crown Court: ‘Because I knew if my husband found out where the man lived and that I did go back to that house, he would have gone round. I wouldn’t have been able to stop him, and he would kill him.’

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, says he was in complete shock when he was arrested.

Osborne, 32, of Winchester Road, Buckland, told police she had been abducted in the street as she was walking home in Fratton Road, Fratton, after a night out in July last year.

Detectives launched an investigation after she told how she was bundled into a car by a stranger, taken to a nearby park and raped.

In truth Osborne had bumped into the man, who she didn’t know, and got talking.

Both had been out drinking and after telling him she was separated from her husband Osborne went back to his house where they had consensual sex. Before she left, Osborne put her mobile number in his phone.

It was only on her journey home that she realised she would have to explain to her husband why she was late and so concocted the rape story.

Asked how he felt when he was arrested the man, 26, said: ‘I was just in complete and utter shock. It just felt unreal.’

He added: ‘It was just a bit of a random encounter.’

Osborne is due to be sentenced later this month for perverting the course of justice.

Releasing her on bail Judge Roger Hetherington said: ‘She must be under no illusions that she faces a custodial sentence.’