Mum shocked as dog owner flees scene after attack

Macaulay Chamberlain, aged six, who was bitten by a dog     Picture: Habibur Rahman
Macaulay Chamberlain, aged six, who was bitten by a dog Picture: Habibur Rahman
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A mum has spoken of her horror after seeing her son savagely attacked by a dog

Lisa Chamberlain, 34 and her son Macauley were walking in Havant when the German shepherd sunk its teeth into the young boys leg, leaving him bloodied and bruised.

The incident happened on Prescott Lane at about 9.20pm on Saturday when the pair crossed paths with the dog and its owner.

Lisa said: ‘We were walking to the shop to get some milk. The dog was on a lead and the young lad was texting. I was holding my son’s hand as they walked past us.

‘The dog lunged and forced him to the ground. It bit into his thigh and wouldn’t let go, it happened so quickly. It had a strong grip on his leg and I had to literally drag my son free while he was screaming in pain. It was terrifying.’

Lisa said that the man looked aged between 18 and 24, she advised: ‘I could see blood and bruising straight away. The lad said the dog had never done that before and said he lived close by, would take it home and come back to help but he ran off and never came back.’

Doctors at QA Hospital treated the bite and advised Lisa to monitor the wound as it could become infected.

Lisa said: ‘I reported the incident to Havant police straight away. They said they couldn’t help until I found out details of the family who own the dog so I put appeals up on social media.

‘I think I’ve found the people responsible. I provided police with their details but it took them days to assign an officer to my case. I have had to chase daily. On Wednesday they said they would visit the family if they had time.

‘The officer said if the dog is aggressive when they are at the house they will advise the owners to make it wear a muzzle when not on a lead. I told the officer my boy was attacked when the dog was on a lead! It’s unbelievable.’

Lisa is appealing for any anybody with any information to come forward. Lisa said: ‘I love dogs. I had a German Shepherd for eight years and I don’t blame the dog – I blame the owner. The dog looked incredibly thin so I believe it is mistreated. I want the people who allowed this to happen to be punished.’

Havant police said: ‘We received a report of an incident in which a child was bitten by a dog in Havant. The incident was reported to us at 9.21pm on Saturday, August 26, and took place the same day on Prospect Lane.

‘It was reported that a 6 year-old boy had been bitten by what has been described as a German shepherd dog. The boy was subsequently taken to hospital with injuries to his leg. Havant Neighbourhood Policing Team has been made aware of this incident and will be making contact with the family to progress an investigation.’