Murder bid woman ‘has no memory of attack on husband’

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A WOMAN accused of trying to kill her navy husband told jurors she has no memory of how he ended up lying on the floor covered in blood.

Crystal Smith denies trying to murder her husband Simon Smith by stabbing him three times with an eight-inch bladed knife in the early hours of February 13 and fleeing their Gosport home.

But Smith, 30, now of Methuen Road, Southsea, said her sailor husband attacked her repeatedly and that a man at a navy function put his hand up her dress.

Giving evidence jurors at her Portsmouth Crown Court trial heard she told her husband: ‘That man just tried to kiss me and just tried to touch me.’

Asked by Matthew Jewell, defending, what Mr Smith said, she said: ‘Don’t be stupid, who would look at you anyway?’

She added: ‘He told me not to make a scene.’

The pair then got a taxi back with two other couples.

She said: ‘I was asking him how he can let someone treat me like this, how he couldn’t care.’ She added he told her to shut up and pinched her.

It was when the pair were back at their Gorselands Way home that he attacked her, she told the court.

‘Simon grabbed me by the back of the hair and stamps on my foot,’ she said.

She added: ‘There’s a scuffle, me trying to get him off me, he had stamped on my foot which really hurt.’

He then let go of her hair as the pair faced each other in their kitchen.

She added: ‘He said to me “how dare you embarrass me like that?”’

She then told him to get out the house. He pushed her over the cooker holding her by the throat with his right hand as she tried to pull his fingers off her neck, she added.

And she said she swiped the knife block off the side in a bid to get him away.

She told jurors when he let go she began to push him out the front door but he grabbed her by the throat.

Smith said she could not remember what happened next, adding: ‘I can’t remember because I came round and he wasn’t there.’

Smith said she crawled on all fours to a room and closed the door behind her as she did not know if her husband was still in the home.

Smith described how her husband then pushed the door after shouting her name angrily and pinned her down.

She added: ‘He had his legs either side of my shoulders and was fully on top of me.’

Her husband, according to Smith, then said: ‘Come on... pretend to pass out like you normally do, I know the difference.’

Her next recollection was being in the hallway and seeing ‘so much blood.’

She said she went to get a tea towel from the kitchen under her husband’s instruction to help stop him bleeding but then left to get help.

The prosecution’s case is that she stabbed him upstairs in his bedroom while he had his back to her and she then fled the house.

Under cross-examination prosecutor Barnaby Shaw asked if she was unable to come up with a sensible explanation or did not know what happened.

She replied: ‘No, I want to know what happened.’