Murder defendant was acting ‘out of sync’

INVESTIGATION Police searching Southsea beach after the body of David Guy
INVESTIGATION Police searching Southsea beach after the body of David Guy
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Second man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after Portsmouth incident

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A MAN accused of butchering his friend has been described as acting strangely the day before he handed himself in to police.

The trial of David Hilder for the murder of David Guy heard how the defendant was spotted wandering around Milton in Portsmouth and told a friend that his sister had just died.

Hilder, of Richmond Road in Southsea, is accused of killing Mr Guy, 30, between June 30 and July 3 last year and disposing of his body parts around the city.

Giving evidence at Winchester Crown Court, John Rapson, described how he drove past Hilder as he was walking along Milton Road at about midday on July 4.

Mr Rapson had known Hilder for several years as they both worked in the White Heather Transport garage complex on Richmond Road.

He said: ‘I parked on the side of the road and got out to speak to him. He’s usually chatty and good to be with – happy and jolly.

‘On this occasion he wasn‘t very talkative, I felt he might have had things on his mind.’

He added: ‘He said “my sister’s died”. I thought he said he was going to Bournemouth or Brighton. He said he was going to the train station.’

When asked by prosecutor Nigel Lickley QC if Hilder had ever mentioned a sister before, he said: ‘He said his sister died when he was a young lad. She was run over.

‘I didn’t question him because he clearly had something on his mind.’

He also said that he later told his wife how Hilder had said ‘something bizarre about his sister dying.’

Under cross-examination, William Mousley QC asked if Hilder, 47, seemed confused about things that day.

He replied: ‘Everything was out of sync.’

The following morning Hilder was outside Shoreham police station in West Sussex at 9am.

As the station didn’t open to the public until 10am, Hilder used a phone outside. He told the operator: ‘I think I’ve killed someone.’

The torso of Mr Guy, who lived in a camper van kept at White Heather Transport, was found inside a bin liner wrapped in a pink curtain on Southsea Beach on July 3. His legs were found further along the beach on July 6.



A WITNESS has described how he heard an unusual noise that he thought was coming from David Hilder’s flat in the middle of the night.

Hilder is accused of killing Mr Guy at his flat in Richmond Road in Southsea, at some point June 30 and July 3 last year.

Carlos Bike was walking home from his job at the One Eyed Dog in Elm Grove in Southsea, and passed Hilder’s flat at about 11.45pm on July 1.

He said: ‘It was enough for me to turn around and think: “What’s this noise?”

‘It was pretty strange.

‘I would say it was an animal. It was loud and distinct, it was an unusual noise.’

He told the court he thought the noise was coming from a ground-floor flat where he could see a man standing still with his back to the window.

A group of four men walking home from a night out in the city centre at about 3am on July 3, also described seeing a man silhouetted in the same window.

James Jacobs said: ‘I asked the man if he was OK and “are you alright?”. But he was motionless.’