Murder squad detectives search Portsmouth allotment site

SEARCH Police investigate allotments at Locksway Road, Milton.   Picture: Allan Hutchings (122343-928)
SEARCH Police investigate allotments at Locksway Road, Milton. Picture: Allan Hutchings (122343-928)
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Police officers have searched an allotment site for clues which may help them solve the murder of David Guy.

Officers scouring plots on Locksway Road, Milton, Portsmouth, which they first started investigating on Friday.

A spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary has confirmed that the search is in connection with the murder investigation in which body parts were found on Southsea seafront.

But he added that so far no further body parts had been discovered at the allotment and police do not expect to find any.

A police team of around 10 officers wearing white forensic suits were carrying out a search of the allotments.

Their efforts were mainly concentrated around a plot close to the nearby allotment shop.

Officers were spotted picking up items and putting them into plastic bags.

Members of the public were still allowed access to their plots and no police cordons were erected.

A total of three police cars and three police vans were parked in the area.

Tony Keen, 50, from Parham road, Gosport, who has an allotment on the site, said: ‘It’s quite disturbing - I’m shocked.

‘I assumed it was about the murder, but apart from that I don’t know anything, they just came down here and didn’t say anything to anyone, they just got on with their work and they’re being quite cagey about the whole thing.

‘This is a big open space and it makes you wonder what was going on.’

Another allotment tenant, who didn’t want to be named, said: ‘I was shocked when I saw the search teams and wondered what was going on.

‘But I guess we’ll find out in time. It’s normally quite quiet down here, people are friendly and sociable and enjoy sharing their knowledge.

‘So this is quite out of character for the area.’