Murder victim’s sisters brand knife attacker ‘an evil coward’

SO CLOSE From left, sisters Julie, Paula and Alison Morrison in a stone archway at the RHS Garden                      Wisley
SO CLOSE From left, sisters Julie, Paula and Alison Morrison in a stone archway at the RHS Garden Wisley
  • Family’s tribute to Alison as killer Trevor Gibbon is jailed
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THEY were four doting sisters who were inseparable.

They enjoyed family holidays to Center Parcs and New York and every Christmas was a special occasion as they celebrated with their children.

Alison and Paula at Wisley

Alison and Paula at Wisley

But one moment of utter terror turned their world upside down when an evil next door neighbour took revenge over a petty dispute.

Today Trevor Gibbon is behind bars and facing a life sentence after running up behind 45-year-old mum-of-one Alison Morrison and stabbing her 40 times in the street.

Alison’s sisters Lorraine Brathwaite, 43, Paula McLean, 49, and Julie Brathwaite, 52, who all live in Waterlooville, have welcomed the sentence – and condemned the killer as a ‘pathetic coward’.

Paula, a hospice worker, told The News: ‘It’s been a road to hell we could not get off. You can’t describe it.

From left, Alison's sisters Lorraine Brathwaite, Paula McLean and Julie Brathwaite. ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (150629-5686)

From left, Alison's sisters Lorraine Brathwaite, Paula McLean and Julie Brathwaite. ''Picture: Malcolm Wells (150629-5686)

‘We did not have time to say goodbye to Alison.

‘Imagine all the things that are dearest to you and then having that taken away from you.

‘He’s an evil coward. People have neighbourhood disputes, but you don’t go and do what he did.

‘There’s not a minute that goes by when I don’t think about her.’

KILLER Trevor Gibbon

KILLER Trevor Gibbon

The merciless attack took place on the morning of December 18 last year as Alison walked to the train station near her home in Harrow, north west London.

Lorraine, a full-time mum, said: ‘She was so much more than what he did.

‘If anything he’s projected her.

‘All he’s going to be known as is a murderer.

‘He’s going to be sitting in his cell and we get to go outside and enjoy the sunshine.’

The family, speaking from Julie’s home in Meadway, have been reminiscing about Alison’s happy life before the tragedy.

The family grew up in Hooks Farm Way, Bedhampton, where their mum Valerie still lives, and were regulars at St Thomas’ Church in Bedhampton.

Alison went to Havant College and was the most career-driven of the four, going to Canterbury University before setting her sights on London and making it big in the publishing world.

She worked her way up to be a senior manager at Which? magazine and travelled around the world.

But her family, including husband Cedric and her 17-year-old son Kori, were the most important things to her.

Alison loved returning to the area for family get-togethers and among her favourite spots were Hayling beach and Gunwharf Quays.

They described their sister as a ‘fun-loving’ woman who would light up a room when she walked into it.

Paula said: ‘Growing up being four girls we had lots of fun and lots of happy memories. That person can’t take that away from us.’

Lorraine said she wanted to go to the Old Bailey every day during the trial just so Gibbon could look in her eyes.

She said: ‘It wasn’t until we got the verdict that you felt like a weight was being lifted off you.

‘You don’t realise how stressful it is going up there every day.

‘He did not have to put us through it all.

‘We wanted to go every day for Alison.

‘It was a chance to look him in the eyes.

‘He did not look at us once the whole two weeks.

‘I looked straight at him. I wanted him to look.

‘None of us had seen him before.

‘We wanted him to look at us and hope he would see Alison in us looking back at him.’

Paula said: ‘When I first saw him I thought, what a pathetic, sad little man has taken away our sister and Kori’s mum.’

The family said Alison kept herself fit and went to the gym and would have either ran away or tried to defend herself when confronted by Gibbon.

But he came up behind her with two knives.

Lorraine said: ‘He’s just a coward.

‘I don’t even hate him. I just find him pathetic.’

In a victim impact statement read out to the court, Kori called for Gibbon to be locked up for the rest of his life.

He said: ‘To me, I can’t fully understand how Trevor Gibbon would receive anything less than having to spend the rest of his life in prison.’

Lorraine added: ‘Alison went down the right path with the harassment and followed the law. She still got justice.

‘I hope he gets some prison justice.

‘He ran up behind her back and hopefully now he’s going to have to watch his back.’

Paula said: ‘I wanted to see him walk down those stairs for the last time.

‘That’s part of having some closure.

‘She lives on in Kori. She has left a huge legacy.’