Muslim community in Portsmouth condemns Paris killings

Portsmouth Jami Mosque
Portsmouth Jami Mosque
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MUSLIM leaders in Portsmouth have condemned the terrorists who brutally murdered innocent people in Paris.

Mohammad Mukith, who worships at Portsmouth Central Mosque and is the former chairman, told The News: ‘Whoever has done this is not human.

‘It is completely unacceptable and hideous.

‘Whoever has done this, and I don’t know what the motives are, will not achieve anything apart from losing good, innocent people.

‘None of the religions, not only Islam, would support any sort of violence and the killing of innocent people.

‘These were people going to the theatre or to a football stadium.

‘These are loving people who have nothing to do with politics.

‘There were Muslim players playing for the French and German football teams.

‘It’s nothing to do with religion.

‘It makes me feel sick that these sort of things are happening in this part of the world.’

He said Muslim worshippers in Portsmouth would be saying prayers for the victims and their families this weekend.

He added: ‘The Muslim community in Portsmouth are really sick of seeing this happen.

‘We don’t support it.

‘Our teachings are of tolerance and respect for other religions.’

And he said: ‘Because of the Second World War we are now living in a world of peace and after 60 years these people are trying to get us back to the 1930s and 40s.’