Muslim leaders in Portsmouth condemn Paris terror attacks

French police outside the Bataclan concert hall
French police outside the Bataclan concert hall
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MUSLIM leaders in Portsmouth condemned the terrorists who brutally murdered innocent people.

Mohammad Mukith, who worships at Portsmouth Central Mosque and is the former chairman, told The News: ‘Whoever has done this is not human.

‘It is completely unacceptable and hideous.

‘Whoever has done this, and I don’t know what the motives are, will not achieve anything apart from losing good, innocent people.

‘None of the religions, not only Islam, would support any sort of violence and the killing of innocent people.

‘These were people going to the theatre or to a football stadium.

‘These are loving people who have nothing to do with politics. There were Muslim players playing for the French and German football teams. It’s nothing to do with religion. It makes me feel sick that these sort of things are happening in this part of the world.’

He said Muslim worshippers in Portsmouth would be saying prayers for the victims and their families.

He added: ‘The Muslim community in Portsmouth are really sick of seeing this happen. We don’t support it.

‘Our teachings are of tolerance and respect for other religions.’

Meanwhile, a statement was put on last night from members of the Portsmouth Muslim community.

Signed by Mufti Liakoth Ali, Imam of Portsmouth Muslim Academy; Mujahid Miah, chairman, of Jamia Mosque, Portsmouth; Mohammed Shamas Ahmed, chairman, Central Mosque, Portsmouth; Ali Ibrahimi, chairman, Portsmouth Afghan community and Sheikh Fazle Abbas Datoo, Imam of Al Mahdi Centre, it read: ‘We are deeply shocked and profoundly saddened at these appalling acts of terror and violence perpetrated against innocent civilians. Our thoughts and prayers are for those killed or injured and their families; especially for our neighbours, the people of France.

‘There is absolutely no justification for such carnage whatsoever. As Muslims we are indeed immensely hurt by such violence. Any claim of committing acts of violence in the name of any faith is illegitimate. Let it be known that such brutality and cold blooded murder is barbaric, abominable and is definitely contradicting the pristine teachings of religion of Islam.

‘We urge all communities to stand together to oppose this despicable scenario with love and compassion. Let us continue to work towards establishing peace and harmony in the community and defy the terrorists whose only aim is to divide us. Let us all, as people of faiths and none, stand firm with compassion and solidarity.’