Mutilated cat found dead in Portsmouth

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A cat has been mutilated and killed in Portsmouth.

The cat, named Smudge, was last seen alive by her owner at home on Beresford Road, Portsmouth, at around 8pm on Monday November 21.

Smudge’s body was found at around 10.30am the following morning (Tuesday, November 22) on Beresford Road by a member of the public, who spoke to residents and identified the owner.

PC Simon Buckle, said: ‘This is a particularly distressing and sickening incident where a pet cat has been deliberately mutilated and killed.

‘We have information to suggest a car stopped in Beresford Road at around 9.30pm on Monday night and moved something out of the road, which was possibly the cat. I would appeal to this driver to come forward as they may be able to help us with our inquiry. I must make it clear that this person is not a suspect. The RSPCA and vets have examined Smudge’s body and the injuries have not been caused by a car.

‘We need witnesses to come forward to help us find the individual who has committed this horrendous crime against a much loved family pet. Do you know anyone who has committed this sort of crime before? Do you know anyone who has a fascination with animal killings? Has anyone you know come home with scratches on their body that they cannot account for?

‘I would urge anyone with any information, no matter how minor they think it could be, to contact us so we can find the person responsible for this horrific and despicable offence against a defenceless animal.’

Anyone with information should contact Fratton Police Station on 101 or the anonymous Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.