Mutiny inquest: Radio woes left medics ‘frustrated’ as ill festival-goers mounted up

Tommy Cowan was 20 when he died after taking two ecstasy pills at Mutiny Festival in May
Tommy Cowan was 20 when he died after taking two ecstasy pills at Mutiny Festival in May

MEDICAL personnel have admitted they were ‘frustrated’ by the radio systems at a music festival where two people fell ill and died, an inquest has heard.

Tommy Cowan, 20, died at Queen Alexandra Hospital after having a fit during Mutiny Festival, at Cosham’s King George V playing field, in May.

An inquest in Portsmouth heard the dad-of-one had showed signs of having taken MDMA and that his death was an accident.

Georgia Jones, 18, also died after collapsing earlier the same day at the event.

The inquest heard how medics at the festival were ‘busy’ with a number of people falling ill through either drink or drugs.

Giving evidence, Oliver Sharp, a first responder with the on-site medical team, said medics were struggling to pass messages through their radios which caused delays in treating patients.

He said: ‘Multiple organisations were using radio channels with poor etiquette. It was very frustrating.’

The issue caused a delay of up to two minutes in calling an ambulance for Mr Cowan, he said, but added that did not affect the care given to him.

The court also heard how staff had been left ‘distressed’ by incidents at the event.

Dr Michael Kiuber, who was the lead clinician of Mutiny’s on-site medical team, said: ‘I came in (to the medical centre) between two patients who went to hospital to provide extra support. When I arrived it was busy. Staff were still distressed.’

Dr Eliot Wilkinson, a consultant at Queen Alexandra Hospital, said he was ‘satisfied’ with the care Mutiny’s medics provided.

He said: ‘I have absolutely no doubts whatsoever that everything that could and should have been done for Tommy was done.’