Mystery still surrounds woman's sudden death as her mum says inquest has not answered questions

A MUM laid bare her anguish at an inquest into her daughter's death after insisting: '˜There are so many questions to be answered.'

Saturday, 10th March 2018, 9:07 am
Updated Saturday, 10th March 2018, 10:14 am
A verdict of accidental death was recorded

Katrina Fennell was found dead at her Holbeach Close address in June last year in mysterious circumstances.

The 43-year-old had been at her friend Laura Mitchell’s house enjoying a bottle of Lambrini wine and Stella Artois lager when she suddenly got up and left, saying she had a stomach ache – never to be seen alive by anyone again as far as anyone knew.

‘She asked for a painkiller and then just got up and went. She was not drunk and didn’t seem that ill – it was more like she was going to meet someone,’ Ms Mitchell told Portsmouth Coroner’s Court.

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Ms Mitchell added: ‘I rang her and left messages but heard nothing back but that was not unusual.’

After a few days had passed in which no one had heard from Ms Fennell the alarm was raised by a neighbour, who noticed there had been no lights on at her address over recent days. When Ms Mitchell – who had a key to the property – and another friend turned up to check on Ms Fennell they were left horrified after discovering her slumped over a mattress.

The deceased’s mum Sheila Fennell said she was confused after hearing ‘conflicting stories’ from her daughter’s friends.

Police did not treat the death as suspicious.

Pathologist Adnan Al-Badri said the death was down to cardiac arrest due to cocaine and amphetamine use which were found in her blood, though not enough for an overdose.

Ms Fennell said: ‘She had always struggled with drink and drugs but was coming out of a bad year of her life’ and had turned a corner.

Coroner David Horsley recorded an accidental death verdict.

But Ms Fennell added: ‘There are still so many questions. Something’s not right.’