Mystery surrounds baby’s death after coroner’s finding

  • Three-month-old Rome Dujon died while he and his mum were staying with a friend
  • Cause of death was not able to be ascertained
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NO REASON could be found for the death of a baby which happened after he fell ill at in the middle of the night, a coroner has ruled.

The death of baby Rome was all the more tragic as his mother, Rachel Dujon, had previously lost another of her children due to a heart complication.

It was a tragedy for you as his mother and indeed for the whole family

Graeme Short

Rome, who was just three months old, died on the morning of July 8 when Ms Dujon, 30, of Frosthole Close, Fareham, was staying with a friend, Lisa Moat, who lived in Cold East Close, Sarisbury Green.

Senior Coroner Grahame Short heard at the Coroner’s Office in Winchester today that although baby Rome did have some irregularities in his heart, he suffered from nothing so serious that could have caused his death. Rome had also suffered from diarrhoea in the days before he died, but no link was found there either.

Rachel told the coroner she was sleeping in Lisa’s living room with Rome in a cradle by her side.

She got up to feed the baby in the middle of the night and he seemed okay.

Later during the early hours, she awoke again to find Rome dying.

‘Suddenly I just woke up and something didn’t seem right,’ she said.

She tried to resuscitate the baby as Lisa called an ambulance. Rome was later pronounced dead at Southampton General Hospital.

Mr Short told the hearing: ‘I do believe that there are limits to medical knowledge and that the cause of death is due to medical causes that cannot be explained.

‘It was a tragedy for you as his mother and indeed for the whole family when he appeared to be a very bright and healthy baby.’

Ms Dujon has two other children, Paris, eight, and Rio, five.

The inquest heard she had another child who died as an infant due to a heart complication.