Neighbour jailed for knife-point confrontation in Fareham

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A 52-YEAR-OLD man who armed himself with a hunting knife when he went to have a row with his neighbour has been jailed.

Paul Aitken finally snapped following an ongoing dispute with his neighbour Graham Derrick.

Aitken picked up the knife, which had a six-inch serrated blade, and confronted Mr Derrick on his doorstep.

The pair argued and Mr Derrick managed to disarm Aitken, breaking his arm in the process.

When the police arrived they found Aitken on the ground, with Mr Derrick pinning him down with his foot on his head.

Aitken, of Bishopsfield Road, Fareham, pleaded guilty to possessing a knife in a public place.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard he had been drinking prior to the incident on Tuesday, May 1.

Jehad Mustafa, defending, said: ‘Mr Aitken accepts that he showed a serious lack of judgement.’

Jailing him for 30 days Deputy Circuit Judge Patrick Hooton said: ‘There are no circumstances in which somebody who takes a large knife to a potential confrontation does not deserve to get a sentence of imprisonment.’