New police chief wants to target burglaries

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Armed robbers threaten garage staff with handgun

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THE woman leading police in Chichester has said she wants to crack down on burglaries and thefts.

Chief Inspector Tanya Jones, the new district commander, said one of her priorities will be to reduce break-ins.

But she said residents need to help themselves too.

She said: ‘It seems that some crimes could have been prevented if residents made sure their properties were properly secured.

‘People leave valuables, such as wallets or laptops on display in their vehicles and then leave their vehicles unsecured.

‘Many offenders who break into cars, homes and garages are opportunist thieves, who simply try doors to see if they are open.

‘I would urge owners to make every effort to deter them by securing their doors and windows.

‘By working together we can reduce burglaries and thefts. Please remove valuables from cars before you park it at home, at a sporting event, go shopping or take the dog for a walk.’