Not guilty verdict over Fareham crossing collision

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A RETIRED lorry driver has been found not guilty of careless driving following a collision with a pedestrian.

Fadil Arcas, 70, was arrested following the accident at the junction of West Street and Trinity Street, in Fareham, last August.

He was turning right from West Street, into Trinity Street when his vehicle collided with Neil Brien from the Isle of Wight.

Mr Brien hit the windscreen of Mr Arcas’ silver Smart car, was thrown into the air and landed 3ft away.

Mr Arcas was arrested and charged with driving without due care and attention.

Fareham magistrates heard that Mr Arcas, of Worthy Lane, Winchester, had turned right on a green light.

There were heated exchanges in the courtroom yesterday between Mr Arcas and prosecuting solicitor Rick Smith.

At one stage Mr Arcas slammed his hands on the table and shouted ‘No, no, no’ when prosecutor Mr Smith suggested he sped up to make the green light.

Mr Brien admitted he had not pressed the button at the pelican crossing even though the light was red because he thought the road was clear.

He told the court he has suffered with headaches and his eyesight has deteriorated since the accident.