NSPCC brands acts of paedophile gang as ‘beyond revolting’

  • Viewing images and viewing chat logs relating to sexual abuse of children is very difficult
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A CHILDREN’s charity has said authorities need to ensure a gang of paedophiles can never have the chance to re-offend when released from jail.

The NSPCC spoke out after the group of men - including Matthew Stansfield from Gosport - were sentenced to a total of 78 years in prison for raping and sexually abusing young children under five.

One incident included the men befriending a man and woman expecting a child.

A spokesman for the child protection charity said: ‘Targeting children for sexual abuse before they are even born is completely and utterly beyond the pale.

‘Revulsion isn’t strong enough to describe the feeling this gang’s crimes have evoked.

‘When they are released from prison the authorities must ensure they never have the opportunity to pose a threat to any other child.

‘And those babies, toddlers and families affected by this deeply disturbing abuse must get all the support they need to rebuild their lives.

‘Fortunately this group of deviants has been caught. But it shows that there is still a long way to go for technology companies and social media networks who work with police to identify and prevent these crimes.’

Jessica Willetts, a child protection officer at Child Exploitation and Online Protection said it was a hard investigation in terms of the evidence they had to see.

‘Viewing images and viewing chat logs relating to sexual abuse of children is very difficult,’ she said.

‘Doing that on a daily basis in relation to this operation has been very difficult for both myself and colleagues.’