Off licence caught by police selling booze to teenagers

Drink-driver fined £80 and is banned

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AN OFF-LICENCE has been banned from selling booze for 10 days and looks likely to have its licence reviewed after it served alcohol to under-18s in a police test operation.

The First Stop off-licence, in West Street, Portchester was caught for the second time this year when a 14-year-old and a 17-year-old were sent in to buy alcohol. The operation was being run by the police in the Fareham and Gosport area on Saturday, December 14.

Of the 10 premises visited by the teenagers, just The First Stop and The Clarence Tavern pub, on Clarence Road, Gosport failed to request ID and sold alcohol to the teens.

As it is the first offence for The Clarence Tavern pub, the premises will receive follow-up intervention from the council licensing team.

The First Stop was given a 10-day closure notice yesterday, which will come into effect in two weeks’ time, preventing them from selling alcohol. Its licence is also likely to be reviewed.

PC Jason Pearce said: ‘It is hoped that the action being taken in the case of the two failed premises will send out a strong message that premises that choose to disregard licensing requirements and sell alcohol to children will face serious consequences.’